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Mount Vernon Community Garden


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January 2019 Paths for All & Transport Scotland Active Travel  

We are delighted to have received £3,000 funding in order for us to make improvements to the existing nature trail and community garden improving the path to our local active travel links to transport in the area 


With the help of Paths for All funding we created an active travel path through our community garden linking to the community hall through the community woodland area via Carrick Drive 

Action Earth 
We have received £250 funding for our community garden project


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2018 Action  Earth  Volunteering Matters 

MVCH volunteers created wooden planters from donate sleepers from Chatelherault Country Park and filled the planters with compost and plants from the Action Earth Award of £250


2018 Mount Vernon Community Hall  

We self funded the purchase of 10 fruit trees to create an orchard in the 2nd community garden growing space 


Tesco Bags of Help 

We are delighted that we have received £4,000 Funding rom Tesco Bags of Help to make improvements to our Community Woodland area and Community Garden area. A huge thank you to all of the local community and wider community who voted for us each time they shopped at our local stores we couldn't have done it with out you!  


   October  2017   Action Earth

Mount Vernon Community Hall (MVCH) Volunteers were awarded £250 improve their local environment, and get involved in their forthcoming Volunteering Matters Action Earth project.

 MVCH volunteers held a Community Engagement Day to get ideas from the community regarding creating the community garden and increase biodiversity within Mount Vernon Park on the 10th of September 2017. The activity is part of the Volunteering Matters Action Earth campaign which is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

July  2017   CSGN


Mount Vernon Community Hall has been awarded £1,000 funding from CSGN and additional funding from MVCH we can buy for materials to create our first community garden in an unused area beside Mount Vernon Community Hall. Ian Ferns a local carpenter volunteer has helped the other volunteers and members of the local community create both large and small planters with living wall and bench attached so you can sit and relax comfortably in our garden area.  



Asda funding of £1,500 and Action Earth funding of £250 has also helped us purchase picnic benches that will be assembled shortly and installed in the community garden area beside the hall. We have purchased some smaller planters and also purchased paint, so that we could bring more colour to our garden.  
Woodland trust 
Woodland Trust have donated over 300 hedging trees to our community garden. Members of the community including the Mount Vernon Primary Eco committee. They got  involved in the planting of these trees to create a natural boundary around the triangular area of our community garden.  

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