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Mount Vernon Community Hall  Service Users 

Thank you for choosing our hall for your event. 

Our volunteers strive to make sure that our hall is maintained and in good condition for our service users. So that you can have the best time possible. 


Please help us keep our standards by respecting the hall when you are in it and returning the equipment within the hall where and how you found it and ready for the next service user.


Please do not use sellotape to add banners etc, blue tack only


Please dont put anything on our windows.

We hope you have a great event 

Bluetooth Speaker:


Bluetooth speaker: Italian Stage (this can be turned on for you on request - BT mode selected at the back of the speaker).


Search for “Italian Stage” on your Bluetooth settings. Once connected you will be able to control songs and volume from your mobile device. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 16.07.15.png

Tables and chairs:

  • Small and large tables and chairs are included in your hall hire and can be found in the main hall.

  • Please wipe down (if required) return and stack the way it was found.

  • Please dont leave this for our volunteers 

Hall temperature control

Fans can be turned on by a remote control located in the Kitchen top drawer if required.  

Heating Please do not touch the dials on any of the boilers.

If the main hall requires heating to be increased or decreased, please use the Hive control in Boiler room only. Please do not exceed the temperature of 18°C

Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 15.18.20.png

MVCH Kitchen  

Our kitchen is new and we want to keep it looking great for years to come. Please help us do this.

Please return all equipment and leave in the same condition you found it.  


The oven there is 2 double ovens, Main switches are in the base cupboard to the right-hand side of the oven. Then select what option you are planning to use. Please turn off and wipe down after use. 


Induction Hob the main hob switch is in the base cupboard between both ovens. User manual information provided 

The power button is located on the hob, select what option you are planning to use.


Please turn off and wipe down after use. There are pots available to use please wash, dry and return when finished. 


Cooker hood if required the power button is located on the hood. Please turn off after use. 


Urn  this is in the base unit to the left-hand side of the Kitchen drawers. Turn on the urn then fill with water, or the urn won’t work. There is a reset button at the bottom of the urn this can be done when the urn is empty.  

Fridge and Freezer : available to use during hire. Please remove your items from the fridge and freezer at the end of your session and wipe down any spillages.  

Microwave - In kitchen please wipe down after use

Kettle also located in the kitchen 


Dishwasher is used by the playgroup nursery only.  

Kitchen  Accessories

Dish towels- located in drawers please hang up after use.  

Cutlery – there are some utensils in the drawers – please return after use. These are to be used as a back up Please bring your own in case they haven't been returned by previous hall hire. 

Mugs and cups-  in wall cupboards – please wash and return after use

Oven Trays - in kitchen drawer - please cover with kitchen foil - please wash and return after use

Utensils- in kitchen drawer - please wash and return after use

Pots and Pans- there is some pots and pans available to use on the induction hob. Please wash and return after use. 

Cleaning Products

To clear up accidental spills or general rubbish you can find the following equipment:  

Kitchen: washing up liquid and brush.


Boiler room (off the kitchen): brushes, hoover and wet floor signage 

Toilet off the kitchen: mop and bucket 

Under Kitchen sink: surface spray cleaner and floor cleaner,  

Drawer: bin bags. 

Kitchen: Blue roll


Bins: Please put bin bags in the appropriate bins Recycling bin and General waste.

External Doors: Please do not leave external doors open  for long periods during your hall hire


The key for the bin is located on the hook on the back door.   


Please make sure the hall is returned the same way it was found (including toilets flushed) for the arranged time for the volunteer to arrive.


This is important as our volunteers already take time out to their day to open and close the hall, they don’t have time for additional clearing up.  

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