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Mount Vernon Community Hall  Fire Alarm 

In the event of a Fire or an alarm accidentally being set off

In the event of a fire

  • Please evacuate the building 

  • Fire evacuation cluster point is at the far end of the hall carpark 

In the event of the evacuation signal being raised, it is essential that staff/volunteers and Members of the public leave the building as quickly as possible, WITHOUT ANY PANIC. 


The Evacuation Signal for this building is: 

 A continuous two-tone siren

This must not be mistaken for the testing alarm system which lasts approximately 10 seconds. 


 If you Hear the Fire Alarm 

  1. Leave the building by the NEAREST SAFE EXIT and report to the assembly Point. 

  2. Do not go back into the building for personal belongings 

  3. The instructions of the fire wardens of their deputes must be obeyed at all times .




If you discover a fire 

  1. break the nearest fire alarm break glass point 

  2. leave the building by the nearest Safe exit and report to the assembly point.

  3. Dial 999 and report the fire 

Never put yourself at risk 

Fire evacuation Assembly point is at the far end of the hall carpark 


Screen Shot 2023-07-09 at 11.15.35.png


Fire Alarm  

How to silence and reset alarm after a false alarm


Fire alarm  

  • People should Evacuate building immediately 

  • Check what zone is highlighted  

  • Silence alarm :  


Silence alarm  

  • Use key in fire folder (located in kitchen cupboard or on top of fire alarm box) and turn key to 1 (assessed yellow light will light up) 

  • Press RED - if you need to resound the alarm press red button again 

  • Check the zone area.  if you need to resound the alarm press red button again 

  • Reset the alarm 


Reset alarm 

  • Press Green to reset you will hear 2 beeps to confirm reset success 

  • Turn key to 0 Remove key  


Zone 1  

  • Entrance hallway  

  • Meeting room  

  • Male and female toilets  


Zone 2  

  • Seating area  

  • Main hall  

  • Kitchen  

  • Stage  

  • Storage cupboards 

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